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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
2637JavaScript-Error when having multipe fieldsetsnewdefectmajor--
2945solution: broken under windowsnewdefectmajor--
3116Javascript Error - input_asset_tag [solution]newKris.Wallsmithdefectmajor--
4131[PATCH]Different settings for differents foldersnewBlade McKainenhancementmajor
1840sfMediaLibrary bug image displayednewdefectminor
2159sfMediaLib filesize/htmlnewenhancementminorplugins
2172sfMediaLibrary, wrong template call when renamingnewdefectminorplugins
3101Allow all kind of weird characters in the filename and directory - replace path delimiter to /newKris.Wallsmithenhancementminor--
3120Issue with changeset 7744newfabiendefectminor--
3167sfMediaLibraryPlugin fails silently when upload exceeds php's upload_max_filesize settingnewKris.Wallsmithenhancementminor--
3253[sfMediaLibraryPlugin] Getting 404 when attempting to delete imagenewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor--
3677[sfMediaLibrary] Should not always show a thumbnail of an imagenewKris.Wallsmithenhancementminorplugins
3727A conflict with URL rewriting rules makes file deletion impossiblenewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4772Slash Problem in Path NamesnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
5020[PATCH] Files with more than one dot in name are not properly detected as imagenewfrancoisdefectminor
5060Undefined function form_tagnewfrancoisdefectminor
5608Updated sfMediaLibrary to symfony version 1.2newfrancoisenhancementminorplugins
5816Display of thumbnail fails when image-name contains '.'newfrancoisdefectminor
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