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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
3621jq_form_remote_tag should use Event bind()assignedlocalhostdefectmajorplugins
4642Does not install with 1.1 greater than 1.1.0newKris.Wallsmithdefectmajor
7861[PATCH] sfJqueryReloadedPlugin: helper function jq_input_auto_complete_tag() does not add proper id in javascript codenewfrancoisdefectmajor
4639Edit-in-place placenewKris.Wallsmithenhancementminor
4640jq_remote_function should include a default failure actionreopenedfabiendefectminor
8351sfJqueryReloadedPlugin: Issue related to jq_remote_function's option named 'submit'newfrancoisdefectminor
8523Missing # for some identifiersnewfrancoisdefectminor
8654jq_link_to_remote option loading not workingnewfrancoisdefectminorplugins
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