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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
4846UNIX_TIMESTAMP not supported in mssqlnewxavierdefectmajor
2982add "cron like" time scheduler in jobnewxavierenhancementminor--
2984windows start queuenewxavierenhancementminor--
3163Unable to rotate/delete symfony log files during running queue-managernewxavierenhancementminor--
3186Job description fieldnewxavierenhancementminor--
3187All queues are stopped, when queuemanager are startedassignedtucsk4enhancementminor--
3275When JobQueue is running long time (OS windows), php.exe process take more and more memorynewxavierenhancementminor--
3771Possible typo in variable name in sfFlexibleLogger.class.phpnewxavierdefectminor
6622Bug in code for CalcNextRunTime ref Ticket #2982newxavierdefectminor
7704[PATCH] [sfJobQueuePlugin] task namespace does not existnewxavierdefectminorplugins
7705[PATCH] [sfJobQueuePlugin] documentation wrongnewxavierdocumentationminorplugins
7914[PATCH] [sfJobQueuePlugin] MySQL server has gone away. (wait_timeout exceeded)newxavierdefectminorplugins
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