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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
4784sfAssetPeer::retrieveFromUrl does not work on windows systemsnewblacksundefectmajor
8140sfAsset plugin model should be extendablenewblacksunenhancementmajor
3832sfAssetLibraryPlugin doesn't generate paths properly if symfony app is not at root directory of virtualhostassignedblacksundefectminor
4096Different setting for different foldernewblacksunenhancementminor
4254onchange event is not fired by script when using input_sf_asset_tagnewblacksunenhancementminor
4776Permission/credential definitions per folder via yaml-configurationnewblacksunenhancementminor
6516Added catalan translationnewfrancoisztranslationminor
8773Delete button in the list view doesn't worknewblacksundefectminor
9184Make 'application' param mandatory for asset:create-rootnewblacksundefectminor
9186Metafolder 'thumbnail' can clash with real folder of same namenewblacksundefectminor
9283move sfAssetsLibraryTools.class.php to PluginsfAssetLibraryTools.class.phpnewblacksunenhancementminor
9455i18n (russian translation) for AssetsLibraryPluginnewblacksuntranslationminor
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