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1 Version 1.1.5
2 -------------
4 * sfValidatorAnd and sfValidatorOr validators are now required by default, which is the normal expected behavior
5 * fixed a weird bug when using cache with layout in an environment with the web_debug setting turned on
6 * decreased symfony response time when using the command line interface, especially under Microsoft® Windows™
7 * fixed global cache never cleared
8 * fixed symfony was using a wrong propel version by misusing the set_include_path function
9 * fixed bug in sfNumberFormat when handling large numbers
10 * the HTTP version used to send the response can now be configured
12 Version 1.1.4
13 -------------
15 * fixed XSS vulnerability in error messages if they embed the value submitted by the user
16 * fixed default charset encoding for validator to the one defined in settings.yml
17 * fixed functional tests fail when compression is enabled (#4019)
19 Version 1.1.3
20 -------------
22 * fixed locking problem with symfony `cache:clear` task (#4470)
24 Version 1.1.2
25 -------------
27 * The symfony 1.1.1 broken cache-clear task has been fixed, and updated to work as expected in a muli-application project
28 * The command line interface was broken on Microsoft® Windows™ when using arguments. This has been fixed
29 * sfYaml now handles long numeric values correctly
30 * A bug with autoloading and nested tasks has been fixed
31 * Fixed the propel:data-load task doesn't behave correctly with composite primary key
32 * The three events available in `sfBaseTask` (`command.filter_options`, `command.pre_command`, and `command.post_command`) are now usable
33 * The `sfValidatorChoice` and `sfValidatorChoiceMany` validators now correctly validates if a given value is part of the available choices
34 * The `sfForm::mergeForm()` method now also merges widget schema labels
35 * It's now possible to set the "value" attribute of a checkbox by using a new `value_attribute_value` option available in `sfWidgetFormInputCheckbox`
36 * The `sfValidatorPropelChoice` and `sfValidatorPropelChoiceMany` are now able to use a same Criteria to restrict choices without them being altered in certain circumstances
37 * The application configuration class now automatically changes the charset used by widgets to the one set in the `settings.yml` configuration file
38 * Now the `sfValidatorTime` validators accept the `00:00:00` time value
39 * The `sfWidgetFormSelectRadio` is now able to deal with names that already has the empty square brackets (`[]`) at the end
40 * The `sfValidatorNumber` as now increased float precision handling
41 * The `sfWidgetFormDate` displays empty values for negative timestamps, so now we can use dates before 1970
42 * The `sfValidatorSchemaFilter` now throws an error bound to the filtered field
43 * `sfBrowser::setField()` can now deal with an array of fields containing a 0 index
44 * `sfDomCssSelector` is now able to target attribute names containing "-" (dash) characters
45 * `sfBrowser::restart()` now resets the session as expected
46 * `sfBrowser` now sends checked checkboxes with the `value` attributes correctly
47 * `sfYaml` now handles long numeric values correctly
48 * Exceptions thrown by sfYaml now references the correct line number
49 * The default `propel.ini` file of the sandbox has been fixed. The sandbox is now fully working again without any tweak
50 * The mysqli Creole driver is now handling the `0000-00-00` date correctly
51 * The autoloading of Model classes autoload now handles ordering correctly
52 * Propel tasks are no more broken when Phing is installed as an independent PEAR package
54 Version 1.1.1
55 -------------
57 * The symfony available database based session storage backends are now able to handle session id regeneration
58 * Some Propel related tasks failed with a "No connection params set for propel" error message because they didn't initialize the database manager. We've fixed this too.
59 * The cache now works as expected for component
60 * The sfYaml dumper can now dump ordered hashes
61 * Plugin Model classes overriding now works in every case
63 Version 1.1.0
64 -------------
66 * Fixed gpc_magic_qutes and array in cookie
67 * Fixed convertUrlStringToParameters breaks urlencoded parameter
68 * Fixed 404 page when raised by a non existant route
69 * Fixed sfForm::toString() silence exceptions
70 * Added sfSession::regenerate and added calls on authentication/credential change to protect against session fixation attacks
71 * Fixed addSortCriteria case sensitive problem
72 * Added the widget when calling the formatter for the sfWidgetDormSelectRadio widget
73 * Added debug output from Phing when using -t
74 * Fixed genurl() with relative_url_root parameter set
75 * Fixed m2m propel data loading
76 * Added a min and a max option for sfValidatorDate
77 * Fixed PHPMailer issue with UTF-8 subject being wrapped in middle of utf-8 char
78 * Fixed locking issues with the cache:clear, project:disable, project:enable, and log:rotate tasks
79 * Fixed Propel behavior registration when using functional tests or built-in tasks
80 * Added a retry mechanism to sfMessageSource_XLIFF->save() that will recreate incorrect xml files
81 * Renamed sfForm::getFormField() to sfForm::getFormFieldSchema()
82 * Fixed getColumnFilterTag() component type
83 * Fixed identifier name length check for Propel Generator
84 * Fixed CRUD templates when using the --with-show option
85 * Fixed generated admin returning to first page regardless on which page the edit was started
86 * Fixed I18N timestamp handling
87 * Added generation of a .zip file when creating a sandbox
88 * Added sfValidatorTime
89 * sfWebRequest->isSecure now recognizes HTTP_SSL_HTTPS
90 * Fixed issue with incorrect calculation of uri prefix
91 * Fixed i18n XLIFF do not handle entities correctly
92 * Fixed sfMemcacheCache ignores multi-memcache-server configuration and defaults to localhost
93 * Fixed symfony 1.1 task argument value of 0
94 * Fixed error reporting value for the test environment and added a migration task
95 * Re-added getCurrentRouteName to sfPatternRouting class
96 * Fixed autoload paths on windows
97 * Added extension depedencies to pear package
98 * Disabled the autoloadAgain feature
99 * Removed noXSD attribute from Propel
100 * Fixed I18N-Bug in form_error() helper
101 * Fixed custom schema for plugins are not found in Win32 environments
102 * Added a throw_global_error to sfPropelValidatorUnique
103 * Fixed session database storage classes
104 * Fixed sfValidatorDate
105 * Fixed propel:build-forms when using behaviors
107 Version 1.1.0 RC2
108 ------------------
110 * Added the ability to merge forms
111 * Secured non-production controllers by default by inserting an IP check for into those controllers.
112 * Refactored renderPartial() and renderComponent() in sfAction (code has been splitted to create a getPartial() and a getComponent() method)
113 * Fixed sfForm cannot handle sfValidatorFile in embed form
114 * Fixed internal URI when a route has some default parameters not present in the pattern
115 * Fixed cloning unbound sfForm triggers unnecessary validation
116 * Fixed I18n forms saving twice the i18n objects, once with empty default objects and once with bound objects
117 * Fixed sfWidgetFormSchema rendering when there are only hidden fields
118 * Fixed yml validator file can be overriden by a remote attacker
119 * Propel schema inheritance is now supported by Yaml schema syntax
120 * Syck extension support has been removed
121 * Better phpdoc for the whole code
123 Version 1.1.0 RC1
124 ------------------
126 * The `sfValidatorPropelChoice` validator doesn't use the ''PHP name'' format anymore to reference table columns, but directly the column name, to be coherent with the way everything else works. Also, the `sfValidatorPropelUnique` validator has been added and is now used by the `propel:build-forms` task.
127 * Also regarding the forms framework, the possibility has been added to pass HTML attributes for each field when rendering a form or a widget schema, to ease forms templating and output customization.
128 * The `plugin:install` task now checks the license of the plugin. If the plugin is not licensed under a LGPL, MIT, BSD, Apache, or PHP license, the task won't install it except if you pass a `--force-license` option.
129 * Support has been added to the schema YAML format for Propel 1.2 inheritance.
130 * Paths were incorrect when uploading a file. This has been fixed.
131 * Tests has been updated to ensure they work under both case-sensitive and unsensitive filesystems.
132 * Fabian Lange has provided a huge work to ensure the fillin filter works as expected in any case.
133 * The autoloading performance problem which was occuring in dev environment in certain very rare circumstances has been fixed
135 Version 1.1.0 beta4
136 -------------------
138 * The new forms framework now handles field names based on Propel phpName since r8508. You'll need to regenerate your base forms using the `symfony propel:build-forms` command after having upgraded your project
139 * You can now define an i18n translations catalogue for each of your forms
140 * Components are now rendered correctly (beta3 broked them)
141 * File upload used with a Propel form now works as expected
142 * You can now generate task classes using the `generate:task` command
143 * The checkbox widget now works correctly when the checkbox value is 0
145 Version 1.1.0 beta3
146 -------------------
148 * r8414: made admin generator work even if sf_compat is off (closes #3286)
149 * r8415: fixed Propel vendor dir inclusion
150 * r8410: fixed broken alias support in YAML parser
151 * r8408: i18n for forms framework
153 Version 1.1.0 alpha
154 -------------------
156 WARNING: See the UPGRADE file for more information about upgrading your projects from 1.0 to 1.1
158 * r3742: added sfAction::renderPartial() method
159 * All bug fixes from 1.0.0 -> 1.0.X
160 * r5707: web responses now served as HTTP 1.1, not 1.0.
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